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GEIST - German Encyclopedic Internet Service Terminal

Bolchazy-Carducci Online

Association for History & Computing

Documentaliste et Internet

Computers & Texts

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies

Committee on Educational Computer Applications

Computer Aided Design in Archaeology (Reading Univ.)

Electronic styles: A Handbook for citing electronic information

MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources (Janice R. Walker)

JWA Information on Electronic Citation

Internet Citation Guide

Citing Internet Sources

Expansion tools for APh journal abbreviations

Document Style Semantics & Specification Language (DSSSL) Home Page (James Clark) (James Clark)

Using Hypertext Courseware to Teach the New Testament

EDV-Einsatz in der Alten Geschichte (Markus Sehlmeyer)

Verzeichnis und Rezensionen von historisch relevanten CD-ROMs (Thomas Schroeder)

CD-ROM-Kollektion für Forschung und Lehre (Arthur E. Imhof)

Geschichtsdarstellung im multimedialen Zeitalter

Altertumswissenschaftliche CD-ROMs (Markus Sehlmeyer)

Die Datenbanken auf CD-ROM

EZLearn Videos & CD Roms

Instructional Learning Videos & CD-Roms

Alte Sprachen und neue Medien

Computer im Lateinunterricht or alternate or alternate

Fernstudium Latein

Altsprachlicher Unterricht

Computereinsatz bei der Unterrichtsvorbeitung des Lehrers

Neue Medien im altsprachlichen Unterricht

Altertum und Internet

Teleducation & Internet Ltd

Sunburst Communications

Language & Culture by Computer (Constance Curtin)

Educational Video Network

PBS Video

Films for the Humanities & Sciences

Alta Vista Translation Service


Encyclopedia Britannica Internet Guide

Free Internet Encyclopedia

Internet Language Dictionary

Slownik terminów informatycznych angielsko-polski (Marcin Milkowski)

Polskie Slownictwo Informatyczne (ang.-pol.) (J. Chroboczek)

Slownik terminologii internetowej (G. Grudziński, A. Schubert)

Leksykon internetowy - Wiadomosci Internetowe

Slowniczek internetowy (Kaboom)

Slowniczek akronimów komputerowych (Usenet)

Slownik komputerowy angielsko-polski (Witold i Gabriel Brostow)

Software Directory for the Classics (American Classical League)

Software for Classicists

Classics Software Reviews

Scriba - Software to accompany the Oxford Latin Course

Yamach - Educational Computer Applications

Discovery Channel School

School Store

TALI Education Fund in Israel

Tools & Utilities (Luca Graverini)

Kleio on the Web

Thesaurus Linguae Gracae Software

Scholarship Computer Tools (TELA)

Lingua Latina (Bob Hasenfratz)


Software Archive (Oxford Center for Humanities Computing)

Epiphany Software

Free Jewish Software

Jewish Software Center (Ahavat Israel)

Computer Applications in Archaeology

D I R T - Computer Applications in Archaeology

Bonn Archaeological Software Package

IBM Solutions for Archaeology

JPROGS - Software for Education

Adobe Acrobat


Instructions for Reading Acrobat PDF Files

Éditions 00h00.com


Dokumentenscanning und Mikrofilm



Frequently Asked Questions About Fonts

Fonts for the Macintosh


Fonts & Software (Maria C. Pantelia)

Truetype fonts (Curtis Clark)

Font Archive Page (Yamada Page)

Free Fonts

RK Fonts

Download Fonts (Virtual Software Library)

Windows True Type Northeast Iberian font

Yi for LaTeX2e


Cyryllic Fonts, keyboard mappings, character sets, encoding applications

WWW & Cyrillic

Polska strona ogonkowa


John Smith's home page (Fonts & software of value to Indologists)

Sanskrit Texts Processing Tools & Software

Sumer Software Page

Akkadian Software Related Links

Hebrew Syntax Encoding Initiative

Hebrew on the Web

How to Read Hebrew on the Web

How to read Hebrew texts with Netscape

Hebrew Fonts

Palaeohebrew fonts

Hebrew Keyboard Tutor

Greek fonts on the Net

Greek Fonts (Yamada Page)

Greek Fonts or alternate

Greek Fonts Page

Download Greek Fonts

Greek Fonts & Sound Utilities

Fonts Tools for Greek

Classic Greek fonts

Greek - Byzantine Fonts

Greek Fonts for your Browser

How to read Hellenic (Greek) in WWW page

Reading Greek Texts (Perseus) or alternate

Lire et écrire des textes grecs sous traitement de texte ou sur internet

Instructions for viewing Greek in American Journal of Philology

Greek Fonts for Unix Systems

Java & Ancient Greek

Applet to Display Ancient Greek


Wordbase Greek

JACT Programs


Display Greek

Beta coding for transliteration of Hebrew, Greek, Coptic - for CCAT/CATSS/TLG Materials (J. Treat )

Windows TT fontsets (Jack Kilmon)

SP Fonts

Esoteric fonts

Fonts für Patristiker

Magenta Ltd (Greek fonts)




ISO-8859-7 (Windows 95)

Unicode Home Page

Greek Font to Unicode Converter (Sean Redmond)

International Phonetic Alphabet

cf. Accessing Korean Text on the Internet

Bible Codes - Powerful Research Tool

Bible Codes software packages (Roy A. Reinhold)

Bible Code Software (Kevin Acres)

Torah's Codes

Biblical & Hebrew related software

Rosetta Stone - Learn Hebrew

Learning Greek

Kalos - Greek verb conjugator

Antioch (Septuagint and New Testament in Unicode Greek)

Classical Text Editor or alternate (Stefan Hagel)

RAM - Reading Acceleration Machine (Claude Pavur)


Vokabeltrainer - Latein Roma I-IV


Digital Latin Lexicon

Navigium - Computertraining Latein

Critical Edition Typesetter (CET)

Hellenic Resources Network

Rob Latousek's ACL Directory of Software

Silver Mountain Software


MicroImages, Inc.

Teaching, Counseling, Missions

Internet 2000

Ages Software

Translation Experts

GROT - Slowniki komputerowe


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