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Philosophy on the Internet

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Deutscher Philosophie - Knoten


Information Philosophie

Deutsche Zeitschrift f�r Philosophie

POESIS (Philosophy Online Serials)

La Philosophie sur Internet (Josette Lanteigne)

Centro telem�tico de Filosof�a (Jes�s Hern�ndez Reyn�s)

Gu�a de Recursos de Filosof�a en Internet (Jes�s Hern�ndez Reyn�s)

Historia de la Filosofia (COU - Madrid)

Proyecto Filosofia en Espa�ol

P�gina sobre Filosof�a (Francisco Conde)

Filosofia revista textos recursos

One Window to Philosophy (Sandro Reis)

Risorse Filosofiche in Rete

Sito Web Italiano per la Filosofia (Univ. Bari)

Le risorse filosofiche in Internet (Alessandro Bazziga)

Servizio Web Italiano per la Filosofia (Luciano Floridi)

Polish Philosophy Page

Polska siec filozoficzna

Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences & the Humanities

Polish Legal Journal

Pagina Philosophorum Polonorum

Mathesis Universalis

Reports on Mathematical Logic

Profesor Leszek Nowak Home Page

Ancient philosophy (Liverpool) - links

Dictionnaire des philosophes antiques

Historia filozofii starozytnej i sredniowiecznej (Univ. of Warszawa)

Filozofia i sztuka starozytnej Grecji i Rzymu

Strony filozoficzne (Jakub Sebastian Banka)

Greek materialists: Thales, Anaximander & Anaximenes (Paul Harrison)

Presocratic Fragments & Testimonials

Presocratics (Giannis Stamatellos)

La filosofia greca dai presocratici ad Aristotele

Pre-Socratic Philosophy

PreSocratic Fragments

Jonscy filozofowie (Encyklopedia Wiem)

Jonska filozofia przyrody (Encyklopedia Wiem)

Thales or alternate


Heraclitus or alternate

Heraclits- The fire priest



Parmenides or alternate or alternate

On Nature by Parmenides of Elea




Texts about Pythagoras


Zeno of Elea

Eleaci (Encyklopedia Wiem)

Xenophanes or alternate

Greek Science History

Socrates Page

Socrates (Anthony Gottlieb)

Perseus Encyclopedia: Plato

Textos Filosof�a Antigua - Textos de Plat�n

Christopher Planeaux's pages on Plato

Plato or alternate

Plato Page (Indiana Univ.)

Plato's Page

Exploring Plato's Dialogues

Plato & his Dialogues or alternate

Platonism (Gnostic Society)

Suzanne's Introduction to Plato

Bernard F. Suzanne's new pages on Phaedo

Christopher Planeaux's pages on Plato

Plato's Cave

Plato's geometric models

D. Anthony Storm's Web Site On Plato

Villejuif CNRS Webpage

Der Platonismus in der Antike (Prof. Dr. Matthias Baltes/Univ. M�nster)

Bibliographie platonicienne


Aristotle's Page

Aristotle Books

Philosophy of Aristotle (Barbara Jancar/Skidmore College)

Diogenes of Sinope

Epicurus & Epicurean Philosophy

Epicurean Classics

Philosophy Garden

Pseudo-Epicurus (Keith Schengili-Roberts)

Stoicism on the Web

Stoic Source Texts

New Stoa

Zeno of Kitium

Hellenistic Philosophies

Hellenistyczna filozofia (Encyklopedia Wiem)

Alexandria on the Web

Alexandria (D. Fideler )

Noema - Collaborative Bibliography of Women in Philosophy

Project Archelogos (Edinburgh)

Association for Greek Philosophy


Archiv der Sophia - Ancient Philosophy

Origines - El descubrimiento del EGO del tercer milenio

Nobel Foundation

Nobel Prize Internet Archive

La Realitat m�s enll� de l'Aparen�a (d'Antoni Albert)

Ilustraci�n-Haskalah (Victorino Cort�s Huertas)

El Mundo de Sof�a


Mauthner Gesellschaft - Verein der Sprachkritiker

Encyclopedia of Psychology



Prominent sociologists

Classical Political Theory Web Sites

Frankfurter Schule

Judaism, Philosophy & Psychology

Ren� Descartes or alternate or alternate

Discourse on the Method or alternate

Meditations on First Philosophy

Blaise Pascal (Katharena Eiermann) or alternate or alternate


Provincial Letters

Minor Works

Baruch (Benedict) Spinoza or alternate or alternate or alternate

SpinozaWeb (Santiago Barona)

Selected Works


On the Improvement of the Understanding

A Theological-Political Treatise

Isaac Newton

David Hume

Hume Archives

Hume Studies

Selected Works and Commentary

Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

Treatise on Human Nature or alternate

An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding

Essays on Suicide & the Immortality of the Soul

Essays Moral, Political, & Literary

Natural History of Religion

A Dissertation on the Passions

An Inquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals

My Own Life

Of the Standard of Taste

A Letter from a Gentleman to His Friend in Edinburgh

Husserl Page or alternate or alternate or alternate or alternate

GTH. Glosario - gu�a para traducira Husserl (Antonio Zir�onQuijano)

Husserl Database (Shinji Hamauzu)

Husserl Studies

Jean Jacques Rousseau or alternate

The Confessions

Equality Among Mankind

On the Origin of Inequality

Social Contract

Profession of Faith of a Savoyard Vicar

Edward Gibbon

Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire

Abridged Version

Adam Smith

Theory of Moral Sentiments

Wealth of Nations

Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant Information Online

Kant on the Web

Kant or alternate or alternate

Kant und Deutscher Idealismus (Stephan Huber)

Immanuel Kant Links

Immanuel Kant's Biography

Kantian Review


Kant's life & thought

Critique of Pure Reason

Critique of Practical Reason

Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals

Universal Natural History & Theory of Heaven

Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics

Religion within the Limits of Reason Alone

Science of Right

Critique of Judgment

Metaphysical Elements of Ethics

Perpetual Peace

Arthur Schopenhauer or alternate or alternate

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz Page (Gregory Brown)

Lebniz or alternate or alternate

Leibniz Society Review


Ludwig Feuerbach (Andreas Schmidt)

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (Paul Ashton) or alternate or alternate or alternate or alternate or alternate

Hegel Archive

Phenomenology of Spirit


Science of Logic

Lectures on the Philosophy of History

Lecture Series

Owl of Minerva

Karl Marx or alternate

Marx-Engels Archive (Cyber-Marx International)

Karl Marx (Peter Krapp) or alternate

Complete Works

KarlMarx/Friedrich Engels Werke

Das Kapital or alternate or Synopsis

Communist Manifest or alternate

Manifest der Kommunistische Partei (zusammen mit F. Engels)

Principles of Communism

Poverty of Philosophy

On the Jewish Question

Economic &Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844

Friedrich Engels

Ber�hmte Wuppertaler

Engelshaus/Historisches Museum

Anteil der Arbeit an der Menschwerdung des Affen

Vladimir Illich Lenin (Marxist Internet Archive) or alternate or alternate

Lenin Werke

State & Revolution

Left-Wing Communism - An Infantile Disorder

Imperialism & the Splite in Socialism

A Great Beginning - Heroism of the Workers in the Rear

Tasks of the Youth Leagues

Karl Marx - A Brief Biographical Sketch

Marxism & Revisionism

Max Scheler (Manfred Frings)

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche or alternate or alternate or alternate or alternate or alternate or alternate

Journal of Nietzsche Studies

Thus Spake Zarathustra or alternate

Twilight of Idols

Sir James Frazer

S�ren Kierkegaard (Julia Watkin) or alternate or alternate or alternate or alternate or alternate

John Stuart Mill

On Liberty

Principles of Political Economy



Subjection of Women

Chapters on Socialism

Representative Government


Dr. Whewell on Moral Philosophy


Charles Darwin or alternate

The Origin of Species

cf. Talk.Origins Archive

Descent of Man

Origin of Species

Expression of the Emotions in Man & Animals

Voyage of the Beagle

Henry Maine

Ancient Law

Henri Bergson

Emile Durkheim (Robert Alun Jones)

Wilhelm Wundt

William James

Principles of Psychology

Varieties of Religious Experience

Essays in Radical Empiricism

Will to Believe


George Herbert Mead (Lloyd Gordon Ward, Robert Throop)

Sigmund Freud or alternate

Sigmund Freud & the Freud Archives (Abraham A. Brill Library of the New York Psychoanalytic Inst.)

Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna

Moses & Monotheism

A Young Girl's Diary

Future of an Illusion

Rudolf Otto or alternate

Ernst Cassirer Archive

Ernst Cassirer (S.G. Lofts) or alternate or alternate

PHIGOL - Ernst Cassirer

Symbolische Formen - Religion, Kunst und Mythos (Mauthner Gesellschaft)

Die Sprache (Mauthner Gesellschaft)

La philosophie de la culture de Ernst Cassirer

Ernst Cassirer dall 'Umanismo all' Illuminismo

Karl Jaspers (Katharena Eiermann) or alternate

Theodor Adorno

Vilfredo Pareto

Noam Chomsky Archive (Tom Lane)

Jan Lukasiewicz (Francesco Coniglione)

Albert Einstein or alternate

Relativity - The Special & the General Theory or alternate

What is the Theory of Relativity

On the Theory of Relativity

Sidelights of Relativity

On the Method of Theoretical Physics

Heidegger (Katharena Eiermann) or alternate or alternate or alternate or alternate

Heidegger Home Page

Hegel & the Greeks

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin or alternate

Jacques Maritain

Art & Scholasticism

Reflections on America

Jean-Paul Sartre

Karl Popper

Karl Popper Web (Ray Scott Percival)

Arnold Toynbee

Lectures on the Industrial Revolution in England

Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan Center on Global Communications

Konrad Lorenz

J�rgen Habermas

Alvin Toffler